Class Schedule
PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! No walk-ins! If you are on a wait-list and a space opens up, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL/TEXT - or you can check your account for status as well.
All classes are capped according to studio. 
dance 101 encourages its unvaccinated members to wear a mask inside the studio. We acknowledge the threat posed by Covid-19 and its Variants and wish for all dancers to remain safe.

If you sign up in advance and fail to attend class, and do not remove yourself from the class roster at least 4 hours before the class starts, you will be charged a late cancel/no show penalty! A great rule of thumb is to cancel your reservation the day before the class.  We expect many classes to go on wait-lists. Your timely cancellation gives another student the opportunity to take your slot - and you avoid a penalty! Do not email/text to cancel unless it's because of a Covid-19 related emergency. 

Late cancel/no show Penalties:

If you have an unlimited class packages or membership, you will be charged $5 for the missed class.

For all other class packages and memberships, including drop-ins, you will forfeit the class. In other words, the unattended class will count as if you were present and pull from your package or membership.

Thank you for your cooperation! We look forward to seeing you in class!