Getting Started

Once you are ready to take the leap, getting started at dance 101 is actually very simple. First off, assuming you're over 18 (dance 101 is for Adults only): 

1. Spend a little time reading about our classes on our class schedule (click on the name of the class for its full description). **Classes labeled "101", Introductory or "All Levels" are great starter classes if you are new to dance! Tip: "Beginner" does not mean Introductory in our vernacular.  Stay clear of Beginner level classes if you're just getting started! You'll get to those later! :)

2. Pick your first class and sign into it, you will be prompted to create an account,

3. purchase an introductory special and come on over!

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Take our Intro 2 Dance Workshop This 5 class, proprietary training course will welcome you into the world of dance and champion you on your journey. We know what you need to know and we know how to teach it to you. Over 80% of our workshop graduates become members and several have gone on to perform in our shows.  It's rolling admission - start any week! 

We know how intimidating it can be to step into a dance studio for the first time.  In fact, our commitment to providing a non-intimidating dance experience (where adults can learn in a welcoming environment) was the driving force behind the creation of dance 101 sixteen years ago in 2004.  Our approach to dance continues to be as unique today as it was when we first opened. This is because we believe:  

dance creates happiness   

anyone who wants to dance, can and should

We know how to make dancers and we make them for the fun of it.  Everything we do - every class on the schedule, every workshop we offer and every one of our dance showcases is a reflection of what we believe.   This is why our studios, classes and teachers are so welcoming.

Your first classes at the 101 are experiences of discovery.  What will your newfound love be? Jazz? Ballet? Hip Hop? Dance Fitness? Tap? Who will you meet? What will you learn about yourself? How will you grow? How will your body change?

So go ahead... scroll down. Create an account, purchase an introductory special, or enroll in our Intro 2 Dance Workshop and come on over!  Getting started is easy... but not as easy as coming back for more! And if you have any questions about the workshop, or need class recommendations etc, send us a text at 404-545-8048 we are happy to help!

Exercise Your Dream, Atlanta! Dance!

How to Get Started?


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Don't forget to plan to arrive about 15 minutes prior to class start.