Getting Started

Once you are ready to take the leap, getting started at dance 101 is actually very simple. Assuming you're over 18 (dance 101 is for Adults only). You have TWO options! 


1. Purchase an online subscription to familiarize yourself with our classes. For $35/month (you can cancel after 30 days - or keep it!) you can experience close to 60 of our classes, presented On-Demand which means you can watch it on YOUR schedule.  Or you can purchase a 24 hour rental (one class) for $9.95. Try us out in the comfort of your home!

To view our video library or to purchase a class or online subscription, click HERE

2. Once you are ready to experience in-person classes, check out our class schedules to locate your first class, purchase an introductory special (for in-person classes), reserve your spot in class and come on over!


Go directly to in-person studio classes. 

1. Check out our class schedules to locate your first class. 

2. Be mindful of class level.  If you are absolutely brand new to dance, look for classes labeled "Intro or Introductory or ALL Levels". If you have some prior dance training, the "Experienced Beginner" level might be for you.  However, it's always a good rule of thumb to go down a level when experiencing a new instructor.

3. Read the class descriptions by clicking on the name of the class.

4. Click the SIGN IN or BOOK button and follow the prompts to create an account.

5. Or go ahead purchase an introductory special, and reserve your spot in class at a latter date.


Don't delay! Start dancing with us today! We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our dance community!

"At dance 101, we are not students taking dance classes. We are friends coming together to dance."--Rhonda Henricksen, dance 101 teacher


Exercise Your Dreams, Atlanta! Dance!


How to Get Started?


Setup your profile HERE


Special discounts available for new students! Click HERE for pricing!


View our SCHEDULE to see which classes you would like to attend.


Don't forget to plan to arrive about 15 minutes prior to class start.