Happy Smiles all around after a Dance 101 class

In the words of Atlanta icon LOUDMOUF… Is it “one day? Or day one?”

Take a step closer to exercising your dreams! Is today your “day one”?

Dance 101 classes are likely not what you might expect – in fact they are more like curated dance experiences.  Ranging from instructional (read: learn while you’re exercising), to fitness focused (where did all that sweat come from?), to artistic expression (the pretty stuff), our classes will challenge and delight you. They will draw you in, where all you can think about are the 8 counts of choreography you are learning.  You’ll be immersed in a sound bath of really great  music and for an hour you will disconnect with the stress of life and reconnect with some of it’s beauty. This is what we call: Exercising your Dreams.

Once you decide you want to experience this, the next question might be:  What should I wear?


  • Wear yoga pants, joggers or sweatpants to keep your leg muscles warm.  This helps prevent injuries.
  • Layers are your friend! Start with a tank top or Tshirt and throw on a light sweatshirt.
  • Stretch and Ballet Barre classes can be done in socks.
  • Hip Hop, dance fitness and Soca can be done in sneakers with a light tread (not a running shoe that has a stiff, thick sole).
  • Contemporary and Modern can be done barefoot.
  • Jazz, Leaps & Turns, and Lyrical require Jazz sneakers (we can fit you here – we have shoes you can purchase in stock)
  • Tap classes require tap shoes and we rent them to you for $4.


  • Wear shorts, daisy dukes, tennis skirts, booty shorts or anything that exposes your leg muscles and/or your private parts!
  • Wear street shoes, running shoes, flip flops or slides to class.

Alright, I’m all in! What are my options?

  • Instructional classes: teach you technique, form and skills. Look for classes with Ballet, Jazz, Turns & Leaps in the title. If you see a little French in the class description, good chance it’s a technical class. Or learn how to do the Suzie Q or the Shirley Temple in Tap Basics! Make some noise!
  • International classes like Soca, La Mezcla, AfroBeats and Fuego will immerse you in another culture. It’s also a lot cheaper than flying to another country and less sandy too!
  • Fitness classes use dance to seriously work you out. There is no better workout than a sneaky one! Look out for Reb3l Groove, Madd-X Fitness, Ready! Set! Dance! etc but be wary as it may feel like you’ve joined a really fun dance cult.
  • Stretch classes will increase your flexibility and strengthen all your dancer parts. Leave the mat at home and check out Dancer’s Stretch & Conditioning and Stretch & Align.
  • Artistic classes invite your mind and body to become an expression of art. These are classes where getting “into your feelings” or channeling your inner Sasha Fierce is the objective. Look for Body Language, SoulFull, Sexy Crazy Cool etc.
  • “Just Here for a Good Time” Classes are just that! Have a blast in classes like Heel & Now, A-Town Funk, Hip Hop 101, Broadway Repertoire and of course Barry’s Amazing Tap Adventure! You’ll leave with a permanent smile on your face!

There is a great variety of experiences awaiting you at dance 101.  Jump right in or enroll in either of our Semi-Private Dance Workshops to get started on the right foot.  Or do both! Either way, the sooner you start dancing, the sooner you’ll be happy you did.

Exercise your dreams and stretch your imagination!



Take a moment to set up your dance 101 profile. We require pre-registration in all classes and do not accept walk-ins.


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Reserve your spot in your first class (visit our Getting Started page for helpful tips).


3 hour free parking in parking garage. Bring your ticket into studio for validation.