A Crash Course in Dance Fundamentals: A Great Intro to Dance

Workshop Details:

Currently offered only at our Atlanta location

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  • Atlanta: Saturdays 9:30-10:30am 
  • Atlanta: Mondays 7:00-8:00pm 
  • 5 class workshop: $150
  • Workshop drop-in (one class): $35

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 Yes! It exists! 

Maybe you're brand new and thinking about taking a class...

Or maybe you've taken a few classes already and have realized you might be missing a few things.  

Either way, our Dance Fundamentals Workshop will launch you into the study of dance with confidence and knowledge.  

All styles of dance spring from the same well of training. This course prepares you for every one of them. Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, etc. (Yes, this course is pretty amazing :)

 80% of the graduates of this course progress quickly to more advanced study because they have this knowledge!


Conceived and taught by dance 101 founder and director, Ofelia de La Valette, this unique and comprehensive course creatively presents the study of dance using both an intellectual as well as a physical approach.  Learning the "why" before the "how" makes all the difference.  

Calling all dreamers: if you want to dance with confidence, the journey starts HERE.

Rolling admission: means you can start anytime: now or whenever convenient.

Each class focuses on one of the Five Pillars of Dance. Complete the classes in any order (sessions are not chronological) or just drop into the class you want to take.


Getting Started:

Which class is being offered when?

Click on the 'schedule' tab above and open the ATLANTA Schedule (Mondays 7-8pm and Saturdays 9:30am) to see which class is being offered each week! 

Class Attire: Footwear: Jazz and ballet shoes are ideal. But if you don't have these, you can wear sneakers (not running shoes) with socks.  Clothing: leggings or joggers, t-shirt or tank top. No shorts, please.

Class A: The Barre: Where Dancers are Made 

Ballet Barre training makes strong dancers - across all dance genres. A basic understanding of Barre work provides a solid foundation for any class experience. Leave your tutu, tights and leotards at home - not that kind of class! 

This class prepares you to take Ballet Barre, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Broadway classes.

Class B:
 The 9 Universal Steps

There are 9 universal steps that appear in ALL dance choreography - regardless of genre. Learn them here. 

This class prepares you for Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, salsa, Modern, dance fitness and Broadway classes.

Class C: How to Turn!

What's the fun in dance if you can't turn (without getting dizzy and forgetting where you are (haha)?  Here you will learn to "spot" (to avoid dizziness) and explore the 3 types of turns (wrap, traveling & spin). 

This class prepares you for Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Broadway classes. Note: Not ideal as your first class. Best to take at least one other workshop class prior to this one.

Class D: Choreography: Strategies for Learning and Remembering What to Do  

While picking up choreography takes practice, if you understand the principles used to create it, the process is easier. 

This class prepares you for any class in which you will be learning choreography - which means, like, every class!

Class E: Body Work: Develop Greater Flexibility, Increased Range of Motion and Graceful Movement 

Learn the difference between stretching to prepare your body for movement (Dynamic Stretching) and stretching to become more flexible (Static and Isometric). This distinction is eye-opening. Why are dancers so flexible? Because they know what you're about to learn in this class.  

dance 101 is in the business of making dancers - that's what we do.  If you want to hurry up and dance, or you are looking to capture the fundamentals you won't get in a drop in class, start here. Any questions? Call/text 404-545-8048

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