A Crash Course in Dance Fundamentals: A Great Intro to Dance

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If you've always wanted to dance or it's been a really long time since you did, this workshop is for you.  

Our Fundamentals program focuses on what you need to prepare you for classes in Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Salsa, Tap, Contemporary etc.

After this workshop you will step into any dance class with the confidence of knowing what to expect. This-is-huge!

Or forget class and take what you learn here to the dance floor at your next wedding, high school reunion and/or under the VIP tent at Coachella! Drop in to Class B: The 9 Universal Steps.  We got you.

Dreams are great when you exercise them! Check this one off your list. 

Exercise your dreams and stretch your imagination! It's waiting for you!

**We recommend taking all 6 classes, but you can also pick your own adventure and drop-in for $35ea to the classes that suit your needs. We'll give you that Millennial attention either way ;-)

Okay, I am IN! How do I start?

Which class is being offered when?

Click on the 'schedule' tab above and open the Schedule (Saturdays at 12pm) to see which class is being offered each week! 

Class Attire: Footwear: Jazz and ballet shoes are ideal. But if you don't have these, you can wear sneakers (not running shoes) with socks. Clothing: leggings or joggers, t-shirt or tank top. No shorts please!

Class A: Orientation: The Most Important Class in this Workshop

If you can only take one of our workshop classes: this should be the one.  Here you'll acquire the knowledge to get the absolute most out of each dance class you take. And as you can imagine, the more you understand what's going on, the more you pick up, the faster you grow and the more you enjoy the process.  We answer questions like: Where to stand in a class and why, when to expect a change in direction, how to see what's in front of you, how to use the mirror, what to wear, how to fast track without injury, how to go across the floor, etc etc etc.  Get the most out of a dance class every time. We'll teach you how.

Class B: The Barre: Where Dancers are Made 
You know how people say they only get on the dance floor if they’ve had a few dirty martinis? Well at our Barre, we serve things up a little differently.

Ballet Barre training makes strong dancers - across all dance genres -and has been doing so for over 700 years.  A basic understanding of Barre work provides a solid foundation for any class experience. Leave your tutu, tights and leotards at home - unlessss you want to wear them in which case, that bun better be tight honey!

Class C:
 The 9 Universal Steps
Step By Step, Day By Day, Mile by mile (ooh, ooh, ooh)

Did you know there are 9 universal steps that appear in ALL dance choreography (regardless of genre)?! You will after this class! IYKYK!

Class D: Choreography: Strategies for Learning and Remembering What to Do  

While picking up choreography takes practice, if you understand the principles used to create it, the process is easier. This class prepares you for any class in which you will be learning choreography - which means, like, every class!

Class E: How to Turn!
Insider Tip: Not ideal as your first class. Best to take at least one other workshop class prior to this one.

Get Turnt around but in a good way! This class will teach you how to spot (to avoid dizziness) and acquaint you with the 3 most popular types of turns: Wrap, Traveling & Spin. You might get a liiiiiiittle dizzy, but you'll be amazed at what you learn. 

Class F: Body Work: Develop Greater Flexibility, Increased Range of Motion and Graceful Movement 

You know those contortionists you see performing with Cirque du Soleil… yea, not going to get you THAT bendy because, ew! But you WILL learn the difference between stretching to prepare your body for movement (Dynamic Stretching) and stretching to become more flexible (Static and Isometric). This distinction is eye-opening. Why are dancers so flexible? Because they know what you're about to learn in this class!


Workshop Details:

  • Saturdays at 12pm. 
  • 6 class workshop: $175 
  • Workshop drop-in (one class): $35
  • Preferable to take all 6 classes in a row, but not required. 
  • If you miss a class, catch it again in 6 weeks.  This workshop has no beginning or end. Just keeps going!


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Here's what our Workshop graduates are saying...

"Until I found dance 101 I thought dancing was something I had simply missed out on learning. At 35, I had never taken a dance class in my life. I decided to sign up for the Dance Fundamentals Workshop and am so HAPPY I did. The workshop is the perfect combination of explanation and instruction, and the classes were really fun! Ofelia's love of dance and her understanding of what it's like to be an adult beginner really shows. She immediately put me at ease and was able to break down concepts in a way I could understand. For the past three months I've taken 4-6 classes a week and in every one I use elements from one or more of the workshops - which makes it easier. I also feel a real camaraderie with the people I met in Dance Fundamentals. It creates a sense of community and a feeling like we are in this together. Ofelia and dance 101 have truly made a dream come true for me and I couldn't be more grateful." -- Ashley W.

"For years I dreamed of taking dance lessons, but didn't think there was a studio that catered to adult beginners, until I found dance 101.  I requested the Dance Fundamentals Workshop as an anniversary gift and it was one of the best gifts I've ever received. Each of the 5 classes introduced me to a basic element of dance as well as explaining the history and terminology, giving me a better understanding of dance as a whole. I feel like I was better prepared to take the other classes and understanding the basics gave me more confidence to try classes outside my comfort zone. Nowadays I'm at the studio almost daily and I joke my husband became a "dance widow" - until recently when he started taking classes with me. Now dance is something we enjoy together. I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in learning to dance start with this amazing workshop. It will prepare you for whatever dance genre you decide to pursue!" --Monica S.

"For years I passed by Dance 101 and would say, "One day I'm going to take classes there". After dropping into stretch and hip hop classes, I realized I was missing some fundamental knowledge about dance training, so I enrolled in Ofelia's Dance Fundamentals Workshop. The workshop gave me the opportunity to learn the foundations of dance. Not to mention more time to ask my 50,000 questions. Through the workshop, I learned new techniques and gained a newfound level of confidence. I built strong friendships among like-minded students who were in the workshop with me.  After the workshop, I branched out from my hip hop classes and have taken on new styles of dancing. At age 37, the Dance Fundamentals Workshop has gifted me the chance to relive my childhood dream. This spring, I'll be performing in a jazz piece for Dance 101's 16th season of, "I'd Rather Be Dancing!". I can't wait!" -Danielle E.

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