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You must be 18 years or older.

There is a parking garage a few doors down from the studio. Pull in, take a ticket and bring it with you to the studio. We will validate your parking for 3 hours.

On your feet: Jazz and ballet shoes are ideal. But if you don’t have these, you can wear sneakers (not running shoes) with socks. Just make sure to use the shoe scraper when you arrive (you’ll love our clean floors!). As for Clothing: leggings/joggers/sweatpants, t-shirt or tank top – layers are your friends. Leave your loose/daisy duke shorts at home!

Unfortunately, we are not equipped for unsupervised minors at the studio so we ask that you make arrangements for them to stay home.

Yes! Check out the performance series page! We offer three performance opportunities each year!

Our schedule remains the same year round, only changing with the addition of classes – which can happen at anytime. Be sure to read the “101” (the email we send you a few times per month) which contains important schedule announcements as well as other fun news you definetly want to know!


Yes! Class content is taught from the beginning every time so you won’t ever find yourself in a class that’s in the middle of a routine.

Unfortunately no.  We are no longer a walk in studio.  We cap attendance in all our classes based on the size of the classroom. You must reserve your spot in advance.  Walk ins will be charged a $5 penalty (on top of the cost of the class) – if there’s room in the class.

We have a 15 minute late window so as long as you’re here within 15 minutes after class starts, we can let you in. This is both to prevent disruptions to the flow of class and for your safety (we know you want to jump right to the choreo, but getting warmed up properly is important!).

Not a good idea. In the dance world, “beginner” does not mean Introductory.  We suggest you start off taking classes labeled “All Levels” or “Intro”. Or, enroll in either of our Semi-Private Dance Workshops… Dance Fundamental Workshop or Dance Choreography Workshop for a crash course in dance training.

  • ALL LEVELS:  is used to describe follow along classes.  If you’re leading your class by doing the choreography (the whole time) with your students – it’s an ALL LEVELS class (regardless of how many 8 counts you teach)
  • INTRO:  3-4 eight counts of choreo.  That’s it.
  • BEGINNER: 4-5 eight counts of choreo.
  • EXPERIENCED BEGINNER: 6 eight counts of choreo
  • INTERMEDIATE: 8 eight counts, 60 min class or 12 eight counts 75-90 min class
  • INT/ADV: 12 eight counts

The Late Cancel window is 2 hours.  This means you must cancel your reservation at least 2 hours prior to class start time in order to avoid forfeiting the class.

Make sure “reminders and schedule changes” is enabled on your account so that you’ll be notified via email or text (your choice) when you make it into a class. If you download our “dance 101” app, a little number will appear on the wait listed class to let you know what number you are and will turn green once you’re in!


A class package is a number of classes in a package for a discounted rate. When classes are used up, a new package may be purchased. A membership is a monthly recurring auto draft in exchange for a greater discount on each class.  For example: Our 10 class package costs $190 and expires 6 months from date of purchase, while our 10 classes per month membership costs $160 and you have 1 month to use all 10 classes.

Class packages and Memberships can not be shared or transferred.

Technically there isn’t an “end date” however you can cancel at anytime for $50 or with the purchase of a 10 class card or higher. To cancel, please email info@dance101.org to request the cancellation in writing.  Cancellation requests must be received at least 48 hours PRIOR to your next draftdate.

You can take an unlimited number of classes on your membership.  Classes taken over the 5, 10 or 15 included with your membership are $15 each and charged to your billing credit card at time of booking. Take as many classes as you like!

While our system (Mindbody) will allow it, we as a company do not. Account holder will be notified with a request to change the billing information to the account holder.

While we understand unexpected things happen, if your reservation prevented the admission of someone on the waiting list, then unfortunately, we must charge you for the late cancel.

The penalty is that the class is pulled from your account as if you had been present.

No, you can only freeze your membership in the event of an illness or injury for your full 30 day cycle.  A doctor’s note is required.

Memberships are an agreement in which we offer you a deeply discounted rate in exchange for a monthly membership payment.  If you are not able to take classes regularly, a class card would be a better option for you.

We are very strict in our response to chargebacks. Anyone who files one will not be welcomed back to the studio (as trust has been broken).