A Crash Course for Dance Newbies: A Workshop

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Currently offered only at our Atlanta location

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  • Atlanta: Saturdays 9:30-10:30am and
  • Atlanta: Mondays 7:00-8:00pm 
  • 5 class workshop: $150
  • Workshop drop-in (one class): $35

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 Yes! It exists! 

Once you decide you want to develop crazy cool dance skills, it's then just a matter of how you're going to go about it:

You can drop into classes and figure it out eventually..

Or you can save a lot of time and ramp up quickly in our Intro to dance Workshop. 

All styles of dance spring from the same well of training. This course prepares you for every one of them. Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, etc. (Yes, this course is pretty amazing :)

What you learn here will increase your understanding of how dance training:

*changes how the body moves
*teaches the mind/body to execute turns/spins
*increases memory and concentration
*uses strategies to create/teach choreography and
*creates very graceful and flexible bodies. 

80% of the graduates of this course progress to more advanced study because they have this knowledge!

Understanding dance training enables you to get the most out of every class you take.  

Conceived and taught by dance 101 founder and director, Ofelia de La Valette, this is the course she wished existed (you can't even imagine) when she started her dance journey as an adult newcomer 26 years ago. Ofelia began dancing at age 35 and look where it led!  It's never too late to learn to dance and you never know where it will lead YOU. It's not an unrealistic desire/goal - you just need a strong foundation and there's no one better to teach you than someone who has made the journey herself!  

Rolling admission: means you can start anytime. Each class focuses on specific objectives. Complete the crash course (5 classes) in any order (sessions are not chronological) or just drop into the class you want to take.

dance 101 is in the business of making dancers - that's what we do.  If you want to hurry up and dance, start here. 

Class Syllabus

This workshop focuses entirely on skill building, with each class targeting specific skills.  Classes will always follow the same order (A - E). If you miss a class, you can make it up during the next rotation. Click on the 'schedule' tab above and open the ATLANTA Schedule (Mondays 7-8pm and Saturdays 9:30am) to see which class is being offered each week! 

Class Attire: Wear sneakers (not running shoes), socks, leggings or joggers, t-shirt or tank top. No shorts, please.

Class A: Core and Strength Development (Ballet Barre) 

Ballet Barre training makes strong dancers - across all dance genres. A basic understanding of Barre work provides a solid foundation for any class experiences. Leave your tutu, tights and leotards at home - not that kind of class! 

This class prepares you to take Barre, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Broadway classes.

Class B:

There are 9 universal steps that appear in ALL dance choreography. Learn them here. 

This class prepares you for Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, salsa, Modern, dance fitness and Broadway classes.

Class C: Turns 

What's the fun in dance if you can't turn?  Here you will learn to "spot" (to avoid dizziness) and acquire a foundation for multiple rotations. 

This class trains you for Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Broadway classes.

Class D: Understanding Choreography, and how to pick up movement - 

While picking up choreography takes practice, if you understand the principles used to create it, the process is easier. 

This class prepares you for any class in which you will be learning choreography.

Class E: How to stretch for greater flexibility 

Learn how to stretch to prepare your body for movement (or any type of exercise) and how to stretch to become more flexible (two very different things!). Why are dancers so flexible? Because they know what you're about to learn in this class.  

Apply the knowledge you've gained and continue your dance journey with confidence!  

Any questions? Call/text 404-545-8048

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