Meet Christie!
Meet your new (and first of many) dance 101 dance buddy, Christie!  She will be calling you once you've registered and believe us, it's a call you want to take!  Christie is the personification of what dance 101 is all about.  She has taken virtually every one of our classes, knows every teacher, understands every class level and is a fantastic resource to you.  She can recommend and guide you into the best classes to get you started on your dance journey.

Christie began her own dance journey three years ago when she decided to try a dance class as part of a New Years Resolution at the age of 30. She found her way into Dance 101 and after taking her first dance class she immediately felt the rapture and inclusion that comes with dancing here and began taking as many classes as physically possible, making Dance 101 her new home. Christie loved her dance classes so much, she made it her intention to become a professional dancer. While she  faced her own challenges learning dance as an adult, three years later, she was selected to train with the Radio City Rockettes and performed in her first musical as a professional dancer!
Christie is an example of the power of intention, proof positive that it's never too late to become a dancer at any age.  She exercised her dream at dance 101 and is excited to champion you in exercising yours. Becoming a professional dancer may or may not be your dream - you may want to dance simply for the rewarding and joyful exercise that it is. Either way, once you take your first step at dance 101, you'll embark upon a journey of great possibilities. Professional dancer or artistic athlete? Which is your dream?
She can be reached at 404-542-3887 if you want to get a jumpstart and call her first. She is our gift to you! You're going to love her!

How to Get Started?


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Don't forget to plan to arrive about 15 minutes prior to class start.