Coming Soon with Ofelia!

This workshop takes you behind the curtain and on a deeper dive into the science behind our Dancers’ Stretch & Conditioning class. Quickly learn proper form (and which muscles/ligaments to engage) in order to maximize the effects of these stretches.  One of the things we love most about our Dancers’ Stretch class is the playlist. Here we turn the music off and learn the purpose behind everything that’s done in that hour.
  • Never taken Dancers’ Stretch & Conditioning class?  Here you will gain a fundamental understanding of Stretching for Greater Flexibility
  • Not reaching your flexibility goals as quickly as you like? Come learn how to stretch productively at home or anywhere
  • Uncomfortable when stretching? Learn your threshold and how to minimize the discomfort.
Come “greet” the stretch.  Uncover the psychology of the body mind and learn to work with (instead of against) it.

I’m a professional musician and I would not have considered myself a dancer before coming to Dance 101. My onstage performances are very physically demanding, and I was looking for a class to help me feel more comfortable moving my body and to increase my mobility. I was already sold on the benefits of Ofelia’s Dancers’ Stretch and Conditioning class, but the 4-week workshop took it to a whole new level. Breaking down each movement and understanding the intention, mindset and muscles that we are focusing on is a gamechanger. Your growth and flexibility, both in and out of class, will be supercharged by this workshop.


  • Class 1: Establishing the mind to body connection:

This class kicks off the workshop with a guided exercise to strengthen the mind’s connection to the body.  Breath work is incorporated  to sharpen focus and help set our intention on what we’re asking our body to do.  This process communicates safety to our self-defense mechanism which can inhibit relaxation when we stretch.  Next we’ll focus on body isolations which train the mind to communicate to specific areas instead of the whole (very important for dancers!).  Isolation work develops graceful movement by training the mind to deliver clear and specific commands, achieving a higher level of body control.

  • Class 2: The science of stretching:

Learn the difference between stretching to prepare the body for movement (of any kind) and stretching to achieve greater flexibility. BIG difference! Learn a little about anatomy, where flexibility comes from and which areas to target to increase range of motion, higher leg kicks and a perfect split. We’ll delve into injury prevention as well and how to use the breath to manage any discomfort you may encounter when stretching for greater flexibility.

  • Class 3: Correct form for optimum stretching:

Learn the Dancers’ stretch sequences with emphasis on form and incorporating what we’ve learned in class 1 & 2.  Explore the progression of the more challenging stretches (where you are and where you’re going).

  • Class 4: How to stretch productively and injury free at home:

We wrap up this workshop series with a review and practice of all we’ve learned.  We’ll also provide you with tips on creating your own stretch playlist and teach you the sequences for a productive 30 minute home stretch session.

Taught by Ofelia de La Valette whose intense study in multiple stretch modalities (including dance) allowed her to achieve a great level of success overcoming her own lack of flexibility and led to the creation of Dance 101’s signature Dancers Stretch & Conditioning class 23 years ago.  Her stretch class continues to be among our most popular classes because of its effectiveness. 

DATES: Coming Soon
TIME: To be announced
ATTIRE: Leggings/joggers (no shorts), t-shirt/tank, wear socks (no shoes)
Cost: $190

Workshop is limited to 12 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/Membership do not apply.