Class(es): Heel & Now
Find me: @strutwithsteph_

Stephanie was born in Buffalo, NY (GO BILLS!) and grew up overseas. It was in Germany that she discovered her love for dance and developed her foundational skills in ballet. Throughout high school and college, Stephanie had numerous opportunities to perform with Paramount’s Kings Dominion, Richmond Speed Arena Football League Dance Team, a full dance Scholarship with the University of Tennessee Dance Team, and as a University of Tennessee Dance Company Soloist.

Growing up she immersed herself in the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, and contemporary but her passion grew to include hip hop and heels. If there’s a strong bass line, she’s dancing to it! Stephanie is known for bringing the #BBE = Bad B%#$%# Energy with her signature hair flips and sass!! One of her favorite phrases is #seeyouinthemirror!!