Performance Series
Dance 101's spectacular student performance showcase
"I'd Rather Be Dancing!" Season 19 hits the stage July 14th - 16th, 2023! 

Our performance pieces are beautifully staged and choreographed for all dance levels. This is NOT a recital! This is a dance showcase (and an experience of a lifetime!) with concert grade lighting and an audience of up to 160 people each night!

Our most international line up to date, this Summer's show will include Flamenco/Tribal, Soca AND K-Pop (Korean Pop see: BTS, BLACKPINK etc), so you can expect the energy of this show to be lights out! It doesn't stop there, Barry will take you to Studio 54 for his tap piece, Kevin’s planning a tribute piece to an icon you don’t want to Miss(y) out on and JJ is back after a 6 year hiatus. And of course there’s the fresh set of choreographers making their debuts… Grace bringing her fem. hip hop Sexy Crazy Cool vibes to the stage and Susie sliding in with some beautiful, big Contemporary movement.

It's going to be a GREAT show! Make sure to get your tickets to come see your friends perform under the big lights! Tickets will go on sale on this page, the week of July 10th!

-Friday July 14th at 8pm
-Saturday July 15th at 5pm (Matinee show for dance 101 students only)
-Saturday July 15th at 8pm
-Sunday July 16th at 6pm 

  • -FALL 2023:
    Kickoff Party & Registration: Friday August 11th, 2023 6-8pm
    Rehearsal Period (8 rehearsals + dress & a show run through rehearsal): August 21st - November 3rd, 2023
    Show Weekend: Friday November 10th, Saturday November 11th & Sunday November 12th
  • -SPRING 2024:
    Kickoff Party & Registration: TBD
    Rehearsal Period: TBD
    Show Weekend: TBD

*Performance photos by Yasiris Torres Photography 2022