Performance Series
Dance 101's spectacular student performance showcase
"I'd Rather Be Dancing!" Season 17 is coming Fall 2022! 

Our performance pieces are beautifully staged and choreographed for all dance levels. This is NOT a recital!
This is a show (and an experience of a lifetime!)
Performance pieces will be announced July 2022! Check back for more updates! Typically, each show features 6-8 pieces which each represent a class that is currently on the schedule. No audition required however some choreographers will require attendance in their class prior to registration. 
Most rehearsals will be held on Fridays between 6-9pm but this is subject to change. 
All 3 shows will be performed at dance 101 and will be announced at time of Performance Series registration. 
The cost of the Performance Series is TBD but will include 1 dance piece of your choice, 12 rehearsals not including dress and tech, 3 performances, and 2 tickets to the show of your choosing.  
Each piece will be capped at 12 dancers but must have a minimum of 8 to happen. Again we strongly encourage that you do not sign up for a class/instructor that you are not familiar with as this will affect your experience and those around you. No refunds will be issued for missed rehearsals or mid season dropouts - so doublecheck the dates and make sure you can commit! One piece per person. This cost does not include a video of the show or individual show costumes.

"I had goosebumps all over and the biggest smile since I don’t know when! I had friends and family in the audience that night and I had achieved my goal of discovering what truly made me HAPPY." - Andrea T.

"Doing the performance series has made me exponentially more confident in my regular classes because now I know that I can do it. I AM a dancer! The best part? The friendships I made. The women I danced with and I are now sisters. We're a crew." - Deauna W.

"In 2018 while doing my 50 shades of 50 posts leading up to my 50th birthday in March, I wrote down that I wanted to achieve my childhood dreams that had been placed on the back burner all these years. I wanted to experience how it would feel. One of those dreams was to perform in a dance group….. To achieve a dream that you have carried around in your heart for more than 40 years is just astonishing and fills the heart with joy. It catapults you to various heights on so many levels. Dance 101 gave me that." - Kwavi A.