Class(es): MADD-X Fitness (dance fitness)

Kevin is an established fitness instructor, originator of MADD-X Fitness, Hip Hop choreographer, founder and Executive Director of Culture Shock® Atlanta (a nationally recognized professional hip-hip dance organization that, among other things, produced some of Dance 101’s most popular dance teachers: Elaina Whitehead, Kevin Tyson, D Norris and Jeremy McShan). Kevin is considered the most influential pioneer of Dance Fitness in Atlanta, being one of the first trained dance professionals to cross over into fitness.

He established the standard of excellence in this field and carved the path for the rest of us to follow. As a headliner in local top health clubs, he has an extensive repertoire, including performances across the world. He teaches a fitness based class offering a high intensity dance workout, which combines the artistry of funky jazz and the intricacy of Hip-Hop. Oh, and if all this weren’t enough – wait till you hear his playlist.