4 Week Workshop with Chantal!

Grab your passports! This 4 Week INTRO TO SOCA Workshop will transport you to various Caribbean Countries, for a movement Journey you won’t forget. SOCA Music is the Soundtrack to Caribbean Carnival & a symbol of freedom and expression.

A genre that originated in Trinidad & Tobago and now stretches far and wide across the Caribbean. From Whining & Bubbling to Wuking Up…Learn about the origin & evolution of SOCA and the movements that will make you a Caribbean Carnival Pro!

Week 1: Introduction to Soca Music and Caribbean Carnival

  • Learn about the Origins of Soca Music and the history of Caribbean Carnival.
  • We will explore past & present Key Soca Artists & Musicians. Soca Music as a genre just celebrated its 50th Year Anniversary. We will discuss the evolution of Soca over the years and break down the Sub Genres & how the Sound varies from Country to Country.
  • Never participated in a Caribbean Carnival? That’s ok! During Week 1 we will discuss the history of Caribbean Carnival & its Cultural Impact.

Week 2: Whining 101

  • “The Whine” dance movement is a staple movement in Soca! Week 2 will focus heavily on waistline movements.
  • The Warm-up will emphasize body isolation and movement control.
  • We will also explore other movements such as: Bubble, Twist, Juk, Drops & More!
  • We will learn fun choreography that highlights & combines all waistline movements learned.

Week 3: Floor Work – Activate your Inner Goddess with the sounds of GROOVY SOCA ( a slower paced sound)

  • The Warm-up session will focus on core strength and flexibility.
  • The Choreography will highlight sensual movements geared towards expression & empowerment through hip and waist movements.

Week 4: Jump Up & Wave to POWER Soca!

  • “We Ready For De Road!”
  • The Warm-up will review the Whining Techniques learned during Week 2.
  • During our final class we are bringing the energy of Caribbean Carnival into the dance studio!
  • The Choreography will be full of energy & larger than life movements. There will also be a freestyle section of “Crossing de Stage”, a term used during Caribbean Carnivals.

whatever you feel comfortable in, full Carnival outfit not required 😉
SHOES: Barefoot
Cost: $190

The workshop is limited to 12 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/memberships do not apply.