with Khalil

Here’s another fast track workshop experience! This workshop teaches the fundamentals of commercial style hip hop / Pop choreography as seen in music videos and backing touring artists. Join Khalil Johnson as he takes you on a deep dive behind the curtain and teaches you the skills, tricks and insider knowledge that distinguishes professional from amatuer dancers.

This workshop is presented at a beginner level to capture the basics that are often overlooked (or assume you already know) in Beginner to Intermediate level Hip Hop classes.

This exceptional training is designed to instill confidence in your own personal movement style and in yourself. At the very least, you’ll increase the enjoyment of the classes you take!

~Week 1~ HIP HOP
Hip Hop Essentials : Explore dance styles popular among artists such as Busta Rhymes, TI, Meg The Stallion and Cardi B

  1. Lecture on the history of hip hop, a poetic, storytelling musical genre that has evolved to pair dance movement with the lyrics and message of a song. The foundation of a great performance is in this understanding.
  2. Explore Body Basics with practice steps
    Learn the basic Lines, Pictures, Shapes and Levels of iconic Hip Hop moves.
  3. Rhythm and Musicality with practice steps
    Understanding the tempo (speed) of choreography and how to know when to speed up or slow down a movement, learn to hear music and lyrics in a way that inspires you to move to them and to identify when the movement accentuates the bass line of a song or its higher notes.
  4. Learn to Smooth And Groove with practice steps
    “Groove” is defined as the way you float through music. Popular types of groove are sexy grooves, hard hitting grooves, and popping grooves. Smooth is how you transition between moves. Acquire a basic inventory of grooves and how to transition between them.
  5. Put it all together in a mini combo!

~Week 2~ POP
Pop Essentials: Pop is hip hop infused with the smooth gestures typically seen in jazz choreography ie Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Christina alquilera, Nsync etc.

  1. Lecture on the history of Pop as a dance performance genre.
  2. Explore Pop Body Basics with Practice Steps
    Sharpness of movement, Hand Shapes, Energy, and the blending of traditional jazz with Hip Hop to create a “softer” flow of movement and transitions.
  3. Explore Defining Movement
    Arm, Foot and Body Placement exercises
  4. Put it all together in a Mini Combo!

Extra Essentials: Learning the “tricks” These are basic hip hop/pop essentials, go to moves that are popular and widely used across the board in commercial music video choreography

  1. Isolations And Tutting basics: Tutting – arm choreography that is sharp and boxy
  2. Floor Work Basics: routines where you transition from standing choreography to moving (dancing) on the floor
  3. Awareness Of Weight Shifts
    Transitions: How stay in balance when connecting moves
  4. Combine these extra essentials into a Mini Combo!

The Finishing Touch: Body Rolls, Snaking and Sexy Grooves with Practice Steps

  1. Learn the fundamentals of moving your torso in addition to your feet and arms. Master that body roll!
  2. Putting it All Together with Practice Steps
    Lacing together all the essential elements: Sharp hard hitting to smooth jazz lines to fast paced to slow to floor work and top it off with a body roll and snap!
  3. Freestyle Basics And Comprehension: what is freestyling and how to be comfortable doing it. Practice in a freestyle circle. Gain confidence in your own body language.

The Grand Finale Combo! Let’s Put Everything We Learned Together!

ATTIRE: Leggings/long shorts, t-shirt/tank. Recommended sneakers: Adidas Sambas or Superstars, Converse, Air Force 1s, Air Jordan 1s (no running shoes with heavy treads)
Cost: $190

Workshop is limited to 12 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/Membership do not apply.