With Grace!

“Jazz is hard to define because it’s constantly changing and growing. But that means a jazz dancer can easily do all types of dance.” —Sean Cheesman

It’s true— being a dancer trained in jazz,  puts you in a category that defies all definitions. There’s street jazz, Latin jazz, pop jazz, contemporary, broadway jazz, hip-hop— and at the root of it all? Classic jazz technique!

Whether you’re a non technical dancer looking to increase your versatility and vocabulary, or an absolute beginner who needs guidance into the great wild world of dance, this workshop is a great place to start. Instructor Grace Carter will break down all of the must-know jazz steps, styles, and techniques with no judgement or pressure but high payoff! At the end of 4 weeks, you’ll be initiating movement from your core, creating strong, clean lines, and kick-ball-changing your way into your next jazz class with confidence.

Workshop Syllabus
By: Grace Carter

:::::Week 1:::::
1. Body Alignment and Positioning
-how to hold yourself like a dancer.
-A few tricks to keep you balanced and in control of your body.
-Learn the core positions you will see time and time again in jazz choreography.
-Focus on the hands, feet, shoulders, chest and hips

2. Developing flexibility
-productive stretching that makes sense!

3. Jazz Walks
-Moving with purpose and intention.
-Drags, slides

4. Musicality and Rhythm
-smooth vs sharp

5. Counting Music
-How not to get lost in the song
-Find your place again if you do happen to get lost

6. Choreography
-Short CLASSIC JAZZ combo at the end incorporating lessons of the week.

:::::Week 2:::::
1. Footwork
-a handful of key dynamic movements you’ll need to know.
-Muscle memory

2. Kicks
-flick vs. brush.
-Degrees of height
-Directions- front, side, back

3. Be a flamingo?
-yes! With Parallel Passé

4. *Time permitting- Preparation for pirouette turns
-where your feet, arms, and head go
-finding balance

5. Choreography
-Short BROADWAY JAZZ combo at the end incorporating lessons of the week

:::::Week 3:::::
1. Basic Turns
-The importance of spotting!

2. Going deeper (turns)–   Pirouettes
-inside and outside- what’s the difference?

3. Going deeper (kicks)– The progression to (safely) being able to kick your face! Spoiler alert: it does take time. But! We can put you on the path to getting there!

4. Choreography
-Short COMMERCIAL JAZZ combo at the end, incorporating lessons of the week.

:::::Week 4:::::
1. Leaps and Jumps
-The key factors needed to properly execute any type of jump.
-Playing with different jumps: sauté passé, grande jete, center leap 

2. Putting it all together

3. A conversation about Style

4. Picking up choreography
-looking for patterns and repetition
-Awareness of weight shifts
-Transitions- why they are often MORE important than the “actual” moves.

5. Choreography
-Short combo at the end- incorporating ALL lessons of the month!
-*Time permitting- “perform” all combos learned throughout the month in groups.

6. Congratulations jazz dancer!

ATTIRE: Leggings/joggers (no shorts), t-shirt/tank, jazz shoes preferred
Cost: $190

Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/Membership do not apply.