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Why should you take this workshop?  Well, considering that ballet barre training’s sole objective is to make dancers (in all dance styles), let’s start here. If there is a particular dance style you’d like to master quickly, the barre will get you there the fastest. Not kidding. You should be running to your next barre class!

Maybe you always thought people who took ballet barre classes were training to become ballet dancers.  Turns out some are, but a lot are likely there for other reasons. Barre work builds strength, teaches your body how to balance, weight shift and to move through space gracefully with precision and control.

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of the ballet barre, its fascinating 700 year history and its significance to all dance styles. Pick up a little French (ie learn terminology) and get the most out of every ballet barre class you take going forward – regardless of what you’re wanting to achieve. Each week will introduce new barre exercises, so that by Week 4, you’ll be able to complete an entire classical ballet barre sequence! And yes, you can learn to do this in 4 workshop sessions.

If you are not already in love with ballet, let us change your mind about it.  Come learn something incredible.

Workshop Syllabus
by Jena Brooks

-WEEK 1-

  • Dancer and instructor introductions, go over class expectations
  • Brief history of ballet and its significance to all dance styles
  • Go over packet with vocabulary, positions, and class structure
  • Find proper ballet alignment and turnout
  • Introduce feet positions: first, second, fourth, and fifth
  • Relating to your barre, proper barre etiquette, learn preparation
  • Introduce barre sequence facing the barre and dive into the proper technique for:
  1. Pliés
  2. Elevés and Relevés
  3. Tendus
  4. Dégagés
  • Practice a plié/elevé/relevé combination in centre (if time allows)

-WEEK 2-

  • Review proper alignment and turnout
  • Review feet positions
  • Introduce arm positions: bras, first, fifth, and second
  • Review Week 1’s barre exercises
  • Introduce one hand on the barre for:
  1. Pliés
  2. Tendus
  • Introduce barre exercises facing the barre:

  1. Rond de jambes
  2. Fondus (with coupé and passé)
  3. Petit battement
  • Practice a tendu combination in the centre (if time allows)

-WEEK 3-

  • Review of alignment, turnout, feet positions, and arm positions
  • Review all of Week 2’s barre exercises (sans pliés and tendus facing the barre)
  • Introduce one hand on the barre for:
  1. Rond de jambes
  2. Fondus (with coupé and passé)
  • Introduce barre exercises with one hand on the barre:
    1. Developpes (45 degrees)
    2. Grand battements (45 degrees – focus on proper alignment and leading with the dégagé)
  • Practice basic adage in the centre (if time allows)
 -WEEK 4-
  • Review alignment, feet positions, and arm positions
  • Dive right into the complete ballet barre sequence – one hand on the barre (besides elevé, relevés, and dégagés)
  • Review any centre combinations if time allows

ATTIRE: Leggings/joggers (no shorts), t-shirt/tank, barefoot or socks
COST: $190

Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/Membership do not apply.