Learn Contemporary Dance


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Imagine being able to learn the nuts and bolts of one of the most popular foundational form of dance in the country in just under one month!  Well, here’s your opportunity!

Welcome to the Intro to Modern Workshop where you will find yourself soaring both physically and emotionally by tapping into a different kind of dance technique and the very building blocks of Contemporary dance. Explore your curiosities while learning how to find new lines, strike stunning poses, find your balance, and move with fluidity and exhilaration. Break down the components of the choreographic progress, pick combos up in a flash, and learn how to move in and out of the floor. Transcend your worries while dancing to empowering music. Whether a former dancer dusting off your moves or an absolute rookie, come as you are. We welcome you into this wonderful space of control, release, and expressive dance!

Workshop Summary

· Week 1

  1. What is Modern?
  2. Body Alignment and Positioning
    -How to hold yourself like a modern dancer
    -A few tricks to keep you balanced and in control of your body
    -Learn the core positions you will see time and time again in modern (and contemporary) choreography with a focus on feet, head, and spine
  3. Arm Workshop
    -How to move your arms in modern dance – secrets for stunning “port de bras” (movement of the arms)
  4. Developing flexibility
    -productive stretching to maximize your fluidity!
  5. Modern Walks/Runs
    -Moving with purpose and intention
    -Heel strike vs. Toe-Ball Heel
    -Drags, lateral side pulls
  1. Counting Music
    -crash course on keeping the beat
    -8’s vs. 6’s
  2. Choreography
    -Short Modern combo at the end incorporating lessons of the week.

· Week 2

  1. The SPINE… The key to Modern Dance!
    -review from last week
    -arch release vs. roll down
    -Directions- front, side, back
    -Side succession
  1. Footwork & Weight Shift
    -experience your pelvis as the answer to weight shifting
    -a handful of key movements you’ll need to know
    -on your axis vs. off your axis
    -Muscle memory
  1. Pendulum and Rainbows
    -the art of the “under curve” vs. “over curve”
  2. Choreography
    -Short Modern combo at the end incorporating lessons of the week

· Week 3

  1. Be a starfish?
    -Sure! Introduction to floor work & becoming ONE with the floor J
  2. The Six Qualities of Dynamic Movement – Vol. 1
  1. Choreography
    -Short MODERN CONTEMPORARY combo at the end, incorporating lessons of the week.

· Week 4

  1. The Six Qualities of Dynamic Movement – Vol. 2
  2. 2. Jumping for Joy!
    -The key factors needed to properly execute any type of jump
    -Playing with different jumps: prances, sauté arabesque, fouetté 
  1. Putting it all together
  2. A conversation about Expression
    -use the 6 qualities of movement to “color” your movement
  1. Picking up contemporary choreography
    -looking for patterns and repetition
    -awareness of weight shifts
    -use simple stories to help connect the steps
  1. Choreography
    -Short combo at the end- incorporating ALL lessons of the month!
    -*Time permitting- “perform” all combos learned throughout the month in groups.
  2. Congratulations Modern dancer!

DATE: Coming Soon
TIME: To be announced
ATTIRE: Leggings/joggers (no shorts), t-shirt/tank, jazz/ballet slipper, socks or barefoot
COST: $190

Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/Membership do not apply.