Class(es): Reb3l Groove & Reb3l Strength
Find me: @reb3l_ashleigh

Ashleigh does not come from a dance background but discovered it only by trying to “lose the baby weight”. She went to a dance fitness class back in 2009 after her second son was born and became hooked! The baby weight started to melt off and it was a release, it was fitness and it was fun! She continued to go to that class until she moved to Colorado in 2011 where she became a certified fitness instructor herself.

From there she taught different formats of dance fitness, barre, toning and stretch classes and eventually became certified in personal training and nutrition. Her love for fitness only evolved because of her love for dance. It is here release, her sanity. Weight loss and toning have become an awesome byproduct of her dance fitness class. If you are trying to get in shape, but dread hitting the gym give this class a try!