Welcome to dance 101!

When dance 101 (a studio for adults 18+) opened in Atlanta in 2004, the profound physical benefits of dance was a well kept secret among professional dancers.  

Being the first studio of it’s kind in the country, dance 101 forever changed the landscape of dance by making it accessible to the public at large - in a way that it had never been available before.  Nowhere other than at dance 101 could an adult non-dancer  just walk in and experience the thrill of dancing choreography or step up to the ballet barre for the first time. 

The brainchild of Ofelia de La Valette, herself an adult beginner dancer, dance 101’s strongest values are Inclusion, Possibility and Rapture.  We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to dance, we offer opportunities to learn and do what otherwise was thought impossible and we wish, hope and desire that all of our students experience the intense joy that comes from dancing. 

Dance 101 is a really special place where Adults (18+) can awaken the dancer within or recapture the dancer they thought they had left behind in childhood. 

Our members get in amazing great shape, become really flexible and graceful. And they deal a little bit better with stress because they now have many opportunities to disconnect from it.  Some of our members go on to dance professionally: in theater, on tour, in videos and on dance teams. Others just watch their bodies change, lean out and become more flexible.  

Regardless of your motivation, if you want to dance through life, you can do that here.

Exercise Your Dreams!