Learn Contemporary

Intro to Contemporary - New dates TBA

Imagine being able to learn the nuts and bolts of one of the most popular forms of dance in the country in just under one month!  Well, here’s your opportunity! Welcome to the Intro to Contemporary Workshop where you will find yourself soaring both physically and emotionally. Explore your curiosities while learning how to release your weight, strike stunning poses, find your balance, and move with fluidity and exhilaration. Breakdown the components of the choreographic progress, pick combos up in a flash, and learn how to move in and out of the floor. Transcend your worries while dancing to empowering music. Whether a former dancer dusting off your shoes or an absolute rookie, come as you are. We welcome you into this wonderful community of expressive dance! 

Workshop Summary

· Week 1
-Learn the mechanics of undulating the spine and rib cage
-Master the three major planes of movement - a “trick” that will help you pick up combos in a snap
-Strength hips, core, and alignment and learn why “plie” is the key to large, expansive movement
-Use imagery to help you balance
-Introduce floor work that will help you get comfortable moving in and out of the floor  

· Week 2
-Learn how to shift your weight from foot to foot and create a rich variety of dynamic movement qualities
-Introduce “release swings” and experience the liberation of letting go
-Review and Practice Spinal Undulation
-Review and Practice Floorwork and get comfortable moving in and out of the floor

· Week 3
-Build strength and work to increase your plie
-Learn how attention to transitions leads to refined, flowing, connected movement
-Review and Practice Weight Shifting and “Release Swings”
-Review and Practice Spinal Undulation
-Learn more tricks to help you quickly pick up combos

· Week 4
-Build strength, flexibility, and body awareness
-Learn how to “tune in” to musicality
-Option to introduce dynamic movement choices
-Refine transitions between steps
-Time permitting, put ALL (spinal undulation, balance, release, shifting weight, and musicality) into a simple combo with connecting steps.

WHEN: New dates TBA
WHERE: at Dance 101
COST: $180