A 6 class / 6 week audition prep workshop

Audition Ready

Audition season is here! Will this be the year you exercise your dream?

Gaining an advantage in an audition requires you to know what to expect. This workshop is taught by Peter Poulos, a seasoned dance team judge who knows first hand what the judges are looking for when they make their selection. De-mystify the audition process. Learn the mechanics of the process and increase your chances... because you will be prepared! Here is your opportunity to get the inside secrets to help you secure one of these coveted spots.

You have one chance to put your best foot forward. Will you be ready to impress?

This 6 week audition intensive workshop will teach you how to prepare for the audition (both physically and mentally), how to put your best foot forward, and give you tips from "behind the judges table" on how to present yourself to increase your chances of making the final cut. 

If dancing for the Falcons, Hawks or any other Sports Team is your dream, give it your best shot. Don't leave it to chance. Gain valuable insight into the process of being selected and what it takes to make that happen.

This workshop is an investment in yourself. Open the door. Here is the key!

Workshop Syllabus:

  • -Class 1* How to warm up to avoid injury and move gracefully during the audition; sample audition dance choreography
  • -Class 2* Learn the turns, jumps and leaps which will likely be included in the audition choreography
  • -Class 3* Learn how to use POMS in dance team choreography
  • -Class 4* Is all about Hip Hop (it's regularly used, always a crowd pleaser and you need to know it). Your audition will include it
  • -Class 5* Performance quality: it's what seals the deal (what judges look for). This is actually a skill you can learn (and must!)
  • -Class 6* 2 hour Mock audition. Here you will learn and experience what to expect. This is huge!

After completing this workshop, you will be ready to reach for the stars. You'll have winning knowledge and you'll be prepared! There is no greater source of confidence than knowing what to expect.

WHEN: Sundays 12:30-2pm February 12th - March 19th with Peter
WHERE: at dance 101
WHAT: Five 90 minute classes & One 2 hour class (Mock Audition) = Six sessions total

HOW MUCH: $475 


What the Pros are saying:

Joyce M.
NFL Cheerleader 2019-present

"I started training with Pete, many moons ago when I first moved to Atlanta, as he had a reputation of sassy and fun, yet technique packed classes, perfect for aspiring NFL dancers. It took me many years (10 years, 8 auditions to be exact) of continued growth to achieve my dream, as I did not have a childhood dance background, but Pete was always in my corner. You could call him my personal cheerleader 🥰. Every one of his classes will push you to PERFORM which is (in my opinion) what makes you stand out at an audition, amongst many talented and beautiful dancers. His classes are a perfect blend of technique and performance. Thank you for all the support over the years, Peter!"


Sydney H.
Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders 2016-19, captain, 2020 pro bowl representative
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2020 

"Peter's classes were always my favorite to take in the AFC off-season when I was preparing for auditions! It was great for refining technique and exploring showmanship! I also trusted Peter to choreograph my solo when I auditioned for The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders."


Natalie D.
Auburn University Tiger Paws Dance Team 02-04
Atlanta Hawks Dance Team 2004- 2005
Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders 2006-2007, 2009-2012 Line Captain 2012
Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador 2008-2009 

"Peter is the industry expert when it comes to developing and fine tuning the many skills and attributes that it takes to be a dancer or cheerleader at the professional level. Throughout my 8 years as a dancer in the NBA and NFL, Peter prepared me for much more than just a dynamic performer, but also helped me to reach peak fitness and mental strength as I went from a young rookie to seasoned veteran and  line captain. Whether it is your first audition or 15th, Peter is an unmatched coach when it comes to checking every box, from head to toe, from leap to turn , from interview to field."


About Peter:

Peter Poulos has been an established instructor and choreographer in the Atlanta dance scene for over 20 years and on faculty at dance 101 for 9 years. His signature high energy jazz choreography regularly packs out classes at dance 101 and is popular among dance team celebrities needing to stay in shape in between seasons. With a focus on technique, athleticism and execution, Peter is regularly sought out by dance team hopefuls who have heard about his career and reputation in the pro-sports dance world. He has worked with successful candidates in every aspect from pageants to pro cheer as well as members of the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders and the Atlanta Hawks dance teams. Peter has also been a judge for the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders for many years. With Peter, you will get what you need to be AUDITION READY.