Introduction to Turns in Dance

Intro to Turns/May - in progress!

 You can blink a few times, but what you are reading is real. There actually is a program that will teach you (and have you) turning in 4 classes and logically, dance 101 is the studio to offer it. Whether you are looking to audition soon and want to polish up, or you've been dancing for a bit and ready to master those elusive pirouettes, this workshop has been created for you.

Taught by veteran professional dancer, Grace Carter, in 4 sequential Sundays (10-11am, May 7th - 28th) she will teach you what you need to do and how to achieve clean, solid turns.

What might otherwise take several years, now can take weeks and months because of this workshop.

Workshop Summary

  • Week 1
    -Learn the mechanics of a turn
    -Master proper alignment, placement and muscle engagement.
    -Learn why the foot is the foundation for the whole “kinetic chain”
    -Introduce the sequence of the preparation
    -Visualization and imagery of the turn, assisted with images
    -Introduce spotting
    -Introduce Single Pirouette (outside/en dehors, “open the door”).
    -Practice Passe, Passe Releve and Single Pirouette en croix

  • Week 2
    -Distinguish the differences between traveling turns (3 step, chaine, pique), spins (pirouette), and wrap turns (ball change turn, soutenou).
    -Introduce 3 Step Turn, jump wrap turn, ball change wrap turn
    -Review and Practice Spotting
    -Review and Practice Single Pirouette

  • Week 3
    -Introduce Chaine Turn, apply spotting
    -Introduce concept of bringing the arms in closer to decrease inertia
    -Review & Practice Single Pirouette En Dehors, 3 Step Turn and Chaine Turn
    -Introduce Double Pirouette
    -Reinforce concept of bringing the arms in closer to decrease inertia

  • Week 4
    -Introduce Pirouette En Dedans (inside turn)
    -Practice Single and Double Pirouette En Dehors
    -Practice Chaine and 3 Step turn and wrap turns
    -Option to introduce an outside pirouette stepping into an inside pirouette
    -Option to play with foot placement i.e: low attitude turn, coupe turn, pencil
    -Time permitting, put ALL (pirouette, 3 step, chaine, wrap turn) into a simple combo with connecting steps.

WHEN: Sundays 12-1pm May 7th - 28th with Grace
COST: $190


Workshop is limited to 10 participants and only offered on these dates (May 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th). Enroll now to reserve your spot!