The Newest Trend in Adult Dance Learning – is at dance 101!

In a world where we’ve been spoiled by Amazon same day shipping, groceries delivered right to our door, every episode and season of our favorite show available for streaming.. there’s no surprise that same level of expectation has spilled over into dance.

Whereas dance is a lifelong journey, you can greatly speed up your training in specific areas going the workshop route.

The problem is not many (or any?) studios are offering workshops for Adult dancers.

Until now.

Dance 101 dance instructor helping a student in one of the studios

Welcome to dance 101’s Dance Fundamental Workshop Series: Another ground breaking educational approach brought to you by the creative team and awesome faculty at dance 101.

The tools are here. Which one will you grab first?

Mini Workshop with Lara Sunday November 5th & 12th at 10am

Join Lara for a mini workshop (2 sessions) where you will explore the intricacies of Nikiya’s iconic variation from the classical ballet, La Bayadère. La Bayadère originally premiered in Russia in 1877 and tells a tragic love story set in India featuring Nikiya, a temple dancer, often referred to as a “bayadère”.

Intro to Ballet Barre Workshop:
Currently in session! Catch the next one in 2024!

Why should you take this workshop?  Well, considering that ballet barre training’s sole objective is to make dancers (in all dance styles), let’s start here. If there is a particular dance style you’d like to master quickly, the barre will get you there the fastest. Not kidding. You should be running to your next barre class!

Intro to Jazz Workshop:
Currently in session! Catch the next one in 2024!

“Jazz is hard to define because it’s constantly changing and growing. But that means a jazz dancer can easily do all types of dance.” —Sean Cheesman

It’s true— being a dancer trained in jazz,  puts you in a category that defies all definitions. There’s street jazz, Latin jazz, pop jazz, contemporary, broadway jazz, hip-hop— and at the root of it all? Classic jazz technique!

Intro to Dance Fundamentals – Ongoing enrollment
Join the thousands of Dreamers who have gone through this fantastic workshop by doing what they did.  Take it!

If you’ve always wanted to dance or it’s been a really long time since you did, this workshop is for you.

The objective of this Fundamentals program is to accelerate your dance journey by providing you with a working understanding of the science and structure of dance training so you can learn faster.

Whether you’re looking to “up” your dance game, or for a really fun workout, or interested in pursuing a lifelong artistic endeavor, this one-of-a-kind workshop will launch you in whichever direction you want to go.

Intro to Contemporary Workshop
Returning in 2024!

Imagine being able to learn the nuts and bolts of one of the most popular forms of dance in the country in just under one month!  Well, here’s your opportunity! Welcome to the Intro to Contemporary Workshop where you will find yourself soaring both physically and emotionally. Explore your curiosities while learning how to release your weight, strike stunning poses, find your balance, and move with fluidity and exhilaration. Breakdown the components of the choreographic progress, pick combos up in a flash, and learn how to move in and out of the floor. Transcend your worries while dancing to empowering music. Whether a former dancer dusting off your shoes or an absolute rookie, come as you are. We welcome you into this wonderful community of expressive dance!

Intro to Modern (Horton) Workshop:
Returning in 2024!

Are you ready to unleash your inner modern dancer and groove to the beat of drums and contemporary music? Look no further! This Intro to Modern workshop is designed to elevate your dance experience and empower you to move with strength and confidence in the Horton technique.

Step into a world of creativity and expression as Lara leads you through the dynamic technique of Horton Modern Dance. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a beginner, this class welcomes all levels, nurturing a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Intro to Hip Hop Workshop:
Returning in 2024

Hip-hop dance is an art form that is welcoming and accessible to anyone! Linking together style, attitude, passion, musicality and athleticism plus the fusion of many different methods, cultures and influences, there’s a reason why hip-hop is so captivating to watch and fun to learn. If you catch yourself watching videos of dance crews, eyeing the back-up dancers in music videos, or you see people dancing at the club and think: “I wish I could move like that…” Get ready— because you CAN! In this 4 week workshop, veteran professional dancer Grace Carter will give you the tools you need to feel confident and at ease in this dance style that isn’t going anywhere soon. You’ll be equipped with 4-5 different base moves that are the building blocks for a ton different old school and new school moves and styles. You’ll be able to pull them out of your arsenal at the club, at weddings, in a freestyle circle, or in your next hip hop class— without overthinking it! By the end of this 4 week experience, not only will you be comfortable with the art of hip-hop but also more at ease and connected to yourSELF.

Intro to Turns Workshop:
Returning in 2024

You can blink a few times, but what you are reading is real. There actually is a program that will teach you (and have you) turning in 4 classes and logically, dance 101 is the studio to offer it. Whether you are looking to audition soon and want to polish up, or you’ve been dancing for a bit and ready to master those elusive pirouettes, this workshop has been created for you.

Taught by veteran professional dancer, Grace Carter, in 4 sequential weeks she will teach you what you need to do and how to achieve clean, solid turns.

What might otherwise take several years, now can take weeks and months because of this workshop.

Intro to Tap Workshop:
Returning in 2024!

New Year, New Adventure! Tap is a really fun dance style that can be quickly mastered when you start off with a fundamentals workshop like this.  No tap shoes, no problem! We have them for rent ($4) until you become so addicted you purchase your own. Tap training engages the mind, is a great cardio workout (when you get down some basic steps), and a fantastic stress buster – not to mention a truly entertaining art form.  Carve an hour out of your week to do this for yourself.

Intro to Ballet Basics Workshop:
Returning in 2024!

Ballet first appeared during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century -that’s over 700 years ago! Its terminology is in French and many of its exercises are done today the same as they were done centuries ago. 700 years is a long time to perfect a method and when you study Ballet, all of its history and wisdom gets passed onto you. Ballet makes dancers. No matter what kind of dancer you wish to be: Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballroom, Salsa…the very best dancers train in Ballet. This one-of-a-kind 4 week workshop will give you the Why, What and How of Ballet and launch you on the fastest track in dance training: BALLET!