Dance Workshops!

The Newest Trend in Adult Dance Learning - is at dance 101!

In a world where we've been spoiled by Amazon same day shipping, groceries delivered right to our door, every episode and season of our favorite show available for streaming.. there's no surprise that same level of expectation has spilled over into dance.

Whereas dance is a lifelong journey, you can greatly speed up your training in specific areas going the workshop route.

The problem is not many (or any?) studios are offering workshops for Adult dancers.

Until now.

Welcome to dance 101's Dance Fundamental Workshop Series: Another ground breaking educational approach brought to you by the creative team and awesome faculty at dance 101.

The tools are here. Which one will you grab first?

Learn to Tap

Intro to Tap

New Year, New Adventure! Tap is a really fun dance style that can be quickly mastered when you start off with a fundamentals workshop like this.  No tap shoes, no problem! We have them for rent ($4) until you become so addicted you purchase your own. Tap training engages the mind, is a great cardio workout (when you get down some basic steps), and a fantastic stress buster - not to mention a truly entertaining art form.  Carve an hour out of your week to do this for yourself.

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Introduction to Turns in Dance

Intro to Turns

 You can blink a few times, but what you are reading is real. There actually is a program that will teach you (and have you) turning in 4 classes and logically, dance 101 is the studio to offer it. Whether you are looking to audition soon and want to polish up, or you've been dancing for a bit and ready to master those elusive pirouettes, this workshop has been created for you.

Taught by veteran professional dancer, Grace Carter, in 4 sequential Saturdays (Saturdays 12-1pm, February 4th - 25th) she will teach you what you need to do and how to achieve clean, solid turns.

What might otherwise take several years, now can take weeks and months because of this workshop.

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A 6 class / 6 week audition prep workshop

Audition Ready

Audition season is here! Will this be the year you exercise your dream?

Gaining an advantage in an audition requires you to know what to expect. This workshop is taught by Peter Poulos, a seasoned dance team judge who knows first hand what the judges are looking for when they make their selection. De-mystify the audition process. Learn the mechanics of the process and increase your chances... because you will be prepared! Here is your opportunity to get the inside secrets to help you secure one of these coveted spots.

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Intro to Dance Fundamentals 
Join the thousands of Dreamers who have gone through this fantastic workshop by doing what they did.  Sign Up!

If you've always wanted to dance or it's been a really long time since you did, this workshop is for you.  

Our Fundamentals program focuses on what you need to prepare you for classes in Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Salsa, Tap, Contemporary etc.

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