Kendall Martin Thanos

Class: Jazz 101

Kendall is an Atlanta native and began her dance training at the age of 5. She was initially trained in classical jazz, ballet, and tap at Dancentre South under the instruction of Marcus Alford, Annie Day, and Terrell Paulk. In her teen years, she expanded her training into the areas of modern and contemporary dance while performing and choreographing for her highschool dance company. Kendall attended Cornell University and received her Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Administration. During her time at Cornell, Kendall captained a 30-person contemporary and hiphop dance team called Base Productions. After graduating, she moved out to the West Coast to pursue a career in event planning. While living in Las Vegas, Kendall continued her jazz training with Shawn Hughes at the Rock Center for Dance. Kendall recently moved back to Atlanta, where she has continued her love of dance through taking classes, performing, and teaching at Dance101!