Dasia Satchell

Classes: Intro to Lyrical Hip Hop & Intro to Afro Beats

Dasia Satchell was born and raised in Dayton, OH. She began her training with the Impressions Dance Studio at the age 14, where she had the desire to be a dancer that was overly strong in all styles of dance. As she grew as an artist she wanted to share her passion with others in the form of teaching. She helped train and choreograph for many dancers and studios in the Dayton, OH area for years, but wanted to broaden her horizons. So she enrolled into the University of the Arts, where she graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in 2017. While attending the University she was trained in african, contemporary, hip hop (house, locking, popping, and waacking), modern, ballet, jazz, tap, and aerial.

She worked with artists such as Ronald K. Brown, Kyle & Dinita Clark, Kim Bears Bailey, Mark Caserta, Sidra Bell, Wayne David, Tommie Waheed, and many others. After graduating she wanted to fulfill her career further not only as an artist, but also as a creator so she moved to Los Angeles in 2018. While living in LA she was able to connect and learn from multiple artists, which led to opportunities such as the series "Insecure", Ciara "Rooted" video, and a few others. Unfortunately, there was a pandemic that put her career at a standstill when it was just getting started. She moved back to her hometown in Ohio and continued to explore her artistry. Throughout the time of being isolated during the pandemic she found something new and refreshing in her movement. This new pathway felt like a new start and allowed her to truly know her body and the way it moves. After the pandemic had subsided, she decided it was time for a change so she is now currently living in Atlanta and teaching her own style of movement. While teaching she also takes pride in still being a student and training from others. She feels that it is important to always remember that our own movement is not constructed from ourselves but truly created from others' movement fused into one.