Jay Conn

Class: Intro to Hip Hop

Jay Conn, Nashville native, is founder and director of C•O•D•E JAY (Cardio Outreach Dance Entertainment) Fitness based out of Atlanta, Georgia. With a degree in dance from Middle Tennessee State University and with over ten years of experience developing and implementing dance and drill teams, Jay has become one of the most sought after dance instructors in the south. Jay Conn is best known for his high "enerJAY" choreography combining hip hop, bucking, and a little “twerk werk.” 

Jay Conn’s career first hit national exposure in 2014 when he was a feature cover story and national headliner in local newspapers and in USA Today, with the headline, “Twerk Master Jay Shakes Up Twerk World! Step back, Miley Cyrus!” This confirmed Jay’s star quality and his innate charismatic charm to make others comfortable and confident to unleash their inner superstar as well!