Monique Latalladi

Class: Stretch 101
Location: Atlanta, GA

Since I was 4 years old, I have been involved in gymnastics and Latin dance, participating in several national and international competitions. Just before graduating from high school, I told my dad that I wanted to attend a performing arts school or study the culinary arts; I either wanted to be a really good dancer or prepare a monster soufflé. He said, “Um…no. You need a ‘real’ career. You are going to be an engineer.” So I am, just like he wanted.

Suffering from the endless boredom of life in a cubicle (living the movie “Office Space” for real), my energy, my creativity, and my life zapped from me, until one day Ofelia, our fearless Dance 101 leader, pulled me from class and offered me the “job” of my life. When not teaching classes, you can find me either managing a troupe of very graceful, shirtless, toothless construction workers, or attending another of the great classes that are offered at Dance 101.