d101 Quickie: Stretch

Sitting at a desk or hunched over a computer for hours on end? Chances are pretty good your body is in need of some attention. This 30 minute STRETCH will help undo some of the musculoskeletal strain caused by prolonged sitting. This is not half a class - it's the perfect amount of time to accomplish its objective. Using a strategy of dynamic stretches, this class focuses on the specific areas most stressed by sitting: hip flexors, Rectus Femoris (quad) Pectoralis (front of chest and shoulders) and the Trapezius (upper shoulders/back along the spine).

Set to a soothing playlist (with a mesmerizing bass beat), the transitions between stretches are laced together in a beautiful dance. Give your body and mind this opportunity. Release both physical and mental tension as you move through this momentary and mindful act of self love.  *Class is Complementary for the month of November*