Whine It Up

Lace up your sneakers; leave your luggage at home. We're bringing Jamaica to you! Weekly schedule needs a shake up? Meditation not burning your stress? Try escaping! Surrender to the infectious, sensual rhythmic sway of Whining - a soft pelvic groove that rides a DanceHall beat.  Taught by resident Dancehall Queen, Queen, this All Levels class is a follow along experience which will relax your mind while your body keeps on movin' movin' and moving some more.

You'll be so busy liberating your hips, you won't even notice all the calories you're burning! This is a sneaky workout with a phenomenal playlist, intoxicating melodies that will give you real vacay vibes. Guaranteed to put you in a great mood: Whine UP your Tuesday evenings and leave the wine down for later. ;)