Afro Beats is an exciting West African sound and Hip Hop dance genre which originally developed in Nigeria, Ghana and the UK. Afro Beats is a diverse fusion of British house music, hip hop, dancehall, Soca and R&B. Its layered rhythms and percussive melodies are intoxicating - you simply cannot sit still to this music! It's no surprise L.A. can’t get enough of this new sound (and way to move) – with artists like Wizkid & Davido bringing Afro Beats to American pop culture and onto a world stage.

Taught by L.A. transplant Nia Nicole, who (fun fact) went to L.A. to work professionally in Hip Hop only to fall in love with and train in Afro Beats.  Wait till you see her move! Come catch some grooves and learn a new feel of musicality. You are going to love it!