Jazz, Rhythm, Moves & Turn Drills

If you don't already love jazz, you are about to. If you've never explored the many incarnations of Jazz: Funk, Lyrical, Latin... even Disco, get ready to.  If you're a little shaky on your turns, get ready to let that go, too.  This wonderfully inspiring and instructional class begins with a 20 minute conditioning & stretch segment, followed by 5-8 minutes of Turning Drills (to drive the fundamentals of turning into your physical memory). The remaining 30 minutes is devoted to learning a combination that focuses on a particular style of Jazz choreography - because there are many.

Of all dance disciplines, Jazz is the greatest chameleon - it mixes with just about any style of dance: it adds elegance to Hip Hop, sensuality to Lyrical, it stylizes Tap, it adds comedy to Musical Theater; it intensifies the seduction of Salsa. Like sugar in your coffee, bring Jazz into your dance life and watch how it makes everything sweeter. Taught by Ofelia de La Valette