Intro to Ballet

f you are brand new to ballet or it's been a while since you took a class... start here. Intro to Ballet is a beauuuuutiful class that will work to develop your dance muscles... you know the ones: that whole set of muscles you don't know yet (or remember) that you have. LOL We're talking about strengthening the parts of your body that translate into graceful movement, lovely posture, ballerina legs and a powerful core... yep, those.

This is the same training that has been making dancers for over 700 years and going strong. Ballet makes dancers and this class is the perfect place for you to start.  You'll get a great "workout" as you watch your body transform over time, becoming more graceful, more flexible, and carrying yourself with beautiful posture to boot. That's a lot of reasons to take this class! Taught by Tracey Ganesh