Jazz for Beginners

This is a springboard class for anyone who has the desire to move into more advanced study, nail an audition or perform on stage! Take Jazz Basics on Mondays at 6pm if you're completely new to Jazz (or dance in general) and when you've developed a strong foundation, Jazz for Beginners is your next step. This gateway class will build upon all you've learned in Jazz Basics, taking you securely to the next level.

Class objectives are to introduce the technique of single turns (all types), to teach and practice kicks and leaps and to increase dance vocabulary using drills and repetition. The hour begins with a brief warm up, followed by multiple across the floor sequences (for practice) and ends with a short combination (routine). With style inspiration coming from everything from Fosse to Beyoncé, this class will move you forward in your skills and passion for dance. Lovingly and expertly taught by Malerie