Experience the joy of movement in this beautifully expressive Modern dance class. Great for all levels, this style of Modern is Graham, Dunham and Limon inspired: athletic, strongly musical and highly rhythmic. Taught by Bene, whose choreographic inspiration is always driven by how the music "asks the body to move", this class is all about kinesthetic connection. If you've ever taken any of Bene's other classes (Salsa Blast, Caribbean Calypso, Afro Caribbean, and Afro Modern), you know that ”Feel the music!!” is not only her directive, it's also her mantra.

Class begins with 30 minutes of "warm up" to prepare the body to dance (during the last 30 minutes) to some really awesome music (Giuliano Poles, Ava Margo, Roberto Atanasio and others). Expect to sweat, dance and move your body rhythmically while toning your arms, legs, tummy and glutes. This class truly blends art with fitness, with a big dose of joy and physical expression. Yep, we think that's just about everything you could want in a Modern dance class!