Reb3l Groove

The first thing that will hit you (like a 2 x 4) is the playlist. Fantastic club remixes (not available elsewhere) that will inspire you to shake that booty for real. This class is a party. People screaming, dancing and throwing out that kind of carefree energy that comes with downright bad A#$ joyful movement. Be prepared to sweat up a storm, scorch a ton of calories in an hour that's going to feel like 15 minutes.

Each song has it's own dedicated routine - at first it's all new, but as you learn the routines, the workout intensifies (cuz you know what to do). First class will be your most challenging, but stick with it so you can cash in. By your 3rd class, you'll be throwing it down. Move those hips baby and drop it like a squat! Working out has never been this much fun! Nor this cool.