Leaps & Turns

"Great dancers are made, not born." --Mikhail Baryshnikov
Leaps & Turns is an important component in every dancer's repertoire and will enhance all dance styles. This class is geared towards dancers with some prior experience wanting to progress quickly into upper level classes. Learning how to correctly spot enables dancers to improve and maintain balance and control while executing turns. This class will focus on the most basic of turns (chaine, pique, pirouette) through the advanced turns (attitude, arabesque, coupé, fouetté, à la seconde, multiple pirouettes) and variations of all of the above.

Leaps & Turns also progresses from basic leaps and jumps (grand jeté, saut de chat, sauté, glissade, jeté, assemblé, pas de chat, sissonne), to advanced leaps and jumps to compliment Jazz and Contemporary routines. Apply what you learn here in the class that follows: JazzWorks. Take them both! Reserve Tuesday nights for both these breakthrough classes! Taught by Jacqueline, this is the kind of class that makes dancers!