Musicality in Motion (hip hop)

Dance is the physical language of music, and when you study with Kevin Zhou you will become fluent. In his class, you will explore a wide variety of hip hop styles, each one inspired individually by the accompanying song. While one class might be energetic and fast paced, the next could be smooth, graceful or maybe even robotic. This class will train not only your body as a dancer, but also your mind and ears to listen and interpret music with more detail and maturity.

Kevin puts great thought, creativity and time into creating choreography for this class and routines will be repeated (no worries if you miss a class, routines are always taught from the beginning), allowing you to really understand the musicality and master the movement. In this class, you will not just learn "class combos", but every piece will be performance worthy. Experience hip hop artistry in this beautiful class experience. Give flight to the performer in you!