Turns, Jumps & Leaps

This class will build upon Beginner Turns & Leaps by incorporating more challenging sequences across-the-floor with Beg/Int level jumps, leaps and turns.  At this level of training, you will develop greater control, technical understanding and strength to not only help you execute more advanced skills, but to also do them safely.  This instructional class is perfect for dancers who are preparing for pro dance team and theatre auditions, as well as those of you who simply want  a few more tricks in your dance bag. 

A great precursory class to her Jazz Roulette at 11:30am (ideally take them both), in Turns & Leaps, Caitlin uses the same proven teaching methods and drills she used to polish many great dancers during her 12 year teaching career in NYC. Turns & Leaps will train you to execute some pretty cool stuff!  Need a breakthrough? It's waiting for you on Saturday mornings at the 101!