Strengthen & Stretch 101

Don't let the name fool you, this is a beautiful class. Sandwiched between two cardio intensive dance classes, this class is the perfect "bridge".  It's a great cool down from Jazz Funk at 5:30pm (increase your flexibility by stretching those already warm muscles) OR a fantastic companion warm up stretch and conditioning for the class that follows it (MaddXpressions, 7:30pm).

Even as a stand alone class, this flowing, moving stretch begins with a short warm up, then moves into a solid 25 minute conditioning segment (arms, legs, abs and glutes) and finishes out the hour with beautiful flowing yoga and dance stretch sequences that flow together like a moving dancer's prayer. Driven by an inspiring playlist (in dance, it's all about the music, right?), this is a great class for dance 101 newcomers!  No experience necessary! Conceived and lovingly taught by Ofelia de La Valette.