In this popular class, you'll feel like you stepped into a time machine. Put a nickel into the jukebox and do the twist, the pony and perhaps some disco to your favorite classics from Elvis Presley, the Chiffons, Cole Porter with an occasional Donna Summer sighting. This class is perfect for newcomers to dance 101 who just want to dance! Have a ton of fun sweating to the oldies. There isn't a more fun way to burn calories and strengthen your heart.

Taught by Ricardo Aponte, who is one of Atlanta's top Musical Theater choreographers (you'll see his work all around town in local theater). Ricardo's choreography is very beginner friendly as he's accustomed to setting choreography on actors with little dance training. Every class is different but always a playful good time. Short warm up then it's all dance! Put a nickel into the jukebox and choose D-101!