Free Week 2020

Sunday January 19th - Saturday January 25th
all Introductory & "All Level" classes* are free at both locations!


Attention Dancers, Artistic Athletes & Dreamers!  It's time for FREE WEEK!

A tradition we started back in 2004.. I know, we look great for our age haha. Free Week is the ONE week out of the year when we offer our intro and "all level" classes for free to everyone... new students, current students, students we haven't seen in 10 years and students we only see once a year ;-). At this time, most Free Classes are on a Waitlist. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! If you are on the wait list and physically present, we will move mountains to get you into the class! 

  • There's a $25 registration fee to participate unless you're on a 5/10/Unlimited Membership in which case the registration fee is wavied.
  • Members, if you're planning on taking class, please go ahead and register, the fee will zero out when you login.
  • Class card holders, you have the option to use your class card or pay the registration fee to participate, in which case any free classes taken will not count against your card. However, you will not be able to pre-register for free classes as the system will prompt you to pay the registration at time of sign-in. Front desk will do our best to hold spots open but classes will max out. 
  • Unlike previous years, there is NO limit on how many classes you can take per day! Unlimited y'all!

See the Atlanta schedule HERE & Alpharetta schedule HERE for all free classes offered. *Note: Reb3l Groove & Strength, Music Videography, Maddx on Saturday and both Heels classes are not included - Members, you're welcome haha.  

But wait how is it Free if I have to pay $25? If you paid the $25 to register we can apply it to ANY purchase you make during Free Week, as long as you do it in the studio! Once you walk out of the studio, Bye Felicia! These purchase items include... new students specials, class card specials (see below), first month on your Membership, Workshops and dance 101 swag.

  • Class Card Specials (offered January 19th - 25th) Note: Your $25 can only be applied IN STUDIO AT TIME OF PURCHASE!
    -5 Class Card: $85 ($17/class) with a 3 mth expiration. Click HERE to purchase 
    -10 Class Card: $160 ($16/class) with a 3 mth expiration. Click HERE to purchase 
    -20 Class Card: $300 ($15/class) with a 3 mth expiration. Click HERE to purchase 

Free Week Rules

1. Please register for classes prior to arrival, walk-ins may not get into a class.
2. No-shows/not checking in for class will result in a $5 penalty.
3. Classes are closed 15 minutes in or when they cap out (whichever occurs first). 
4. You can not share/transfer your Free Week registration. One per person. 
5. Free Week ends on Saturday, January 25th, 2020.  

Click HERE to start exercising your dream!