Level: experienced beginner

“Dance allows me to lose myself and find myself at the same time.” – Ayn Rand

Do you love contemporary movement with all its pretty shapes and big feels? Dive deeper into what contemporary dance is, what it has to offer, and how to expand your experience. This is a workshop that builds on itself and asks you to expand, too. Join Shelly as she enhances your understanding of Contemporary movement, it’s foundations and how to put it all together: from Creation to Expression.

What to expect:

  1. Each week we will focus on a particular element and style of Contemporary. From it’s roots to it’s creation to it’s social impact.
  2. The concepts are compounding, so in order to grow fully, we will have a quick review of the previous week before jumping into the next.
  3. We will be building a full piece of Contemporary Choreography in these four weeks together–come ready to move and dance each week.
  4. Bring your whole self, exactly as you are, and come ready to learn, feel, and grow.

Week 1: Finding Your Space.

Overview of Contemporary Dance:

History of Modern Dance

  • Martha Graham/Isadora Duncan/Loie Fuller – Modern Dance Roots
  • Katherine Dunham/Alvin Ailey/Ted Shawn – The Movement
  • Dawn Axam/Ajile Axam – Dance in Atlanta

Modern Dance’s Transition Into Contemporary Dance.

  • Televised Dance Shows
  • Emotional Incorporation

Contemporary Dance v. Lyrical Dance. What’s The Difference?

Music Selection

  • Connection to Time and Space
  • Connection to The Stories of Others

Discovering Movement Phase 1, Choreography: Who are YOU as a dancer?

Week 2: Claiming your space:

Review of Concepts From Last Week.

How To Move In Space From the Mind

  • Kinesthetic and Spatial Awareness
  • The Elements of Movement
  • Build Your Perfect Dance Space 
  • Looking Inward to Produce Outward

Discovering Movement Phase 2, Choreography: What do you bring to the dance floor?

Week 3: Owning your Space:

Review of Concepts From Last Week.

How to Move In Space From the Body

  • What is technique and how you can use it effectively
  • How music becomes movement
  • How to captivate yourself (and your audience)

Discovering Movement Phase 3, Choreography: What do you give to dance?

Week 4: Sharing Your Space:

Review of Concepts From Last Week. 

How to Move In Space From the Heart 

Putting All The Elements Together to Create a Work of Art

  • Which parts of your dancing are personal and which parts are shareable?

Discovering Movement Phase 4, Finalizing The Dance Piece: How can you share your gift to the world?

DATES: February 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th
TIME: 10-11am
ATTIRE: Leggings/joggers (no shorts), t-shirt/tank, barefoot or socks
Cost: $190

Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/Membership do not apply.