Exercising Your Dream

Teaching instructional movement like dance, yoga, barre, Pilates, etc. in the adult fitness market is a dream of a career. It can be a joyful, satisfying and purposeful profession that contributes deeply to others while also crafting an extraordinary lifestyle for ourselves. However, while certifications, training and degrees may justify our credentials, they are only one side of the coin and, although surely significant, alone are not enough to inspire an entire class, to maximize the potential of each student or to reshape bodies and touch hearts. There is much more to know and understand.

Exercising your Dream is written for anyone who wishes to experience a high level of personal fulfillment and make a living as a professional teacher in this deeply rewarding career. Join author, teacher and fitness pioneer Ofelia de La Valette, founder of dance 101, as she explores the four facets of exceptional teaching: Understanding ourselves and what we bring into our classes, how to craft an enriching class experience, how to prospect and land a job at a prestigious studio and the importance of self care to ensure longevity in this field. Through candid storytelling and proven tactical strategies, Exercising Your Dream reveals an insider's look into the business of teaching, exposing all the "gotchas" that might blindside a newly minted teacher and otherwise sharing wisdom that, until now, teachers had to learn by painful trial and error and over the course of many years.

Exercising Your Dream

$24.99 Paperback

Written by: Ofelia de La Valette
Cover Photo by: Bubba Carr
Edited by: Roby Nasci
Book Design by: Paulina de La Valette