Mini Workshop with Lara Sunday November 5th & 12th at 10am

Join Lara for a mini workshop (2 sessions) where you will explore the intricacies of Nikiya’s iconic variation from the classical ballet, La Bayadère. La Bayadère originally premiered in Russia in 1877 and tells a tragic love story set in India featuring Nikiya, a temple dancer, often referred to as a “bayadère”.

Nikiya’s role is pivotal in the ballet as her character’s tragic fate drives much of the storyline. Nikiya is deeply in love with the warrior Solor. However, their love faces numerous challenges, primarily due to the interference of the high priest, Gamzatti, who is also in love with Solor and becomes engaged to him. Nikiya’s love for Solor, the betrayal by Gamzatti, and the ultimate tragedy that befalls her are central themes that contribute to the emotional depth of “La Bayadère.”

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to refine your technique and artistry and to experience the beauty and tragedy of Nikiya’s character as she dances her heart-wrenching farewell.

Note: The full variation is like 7 minutes long. We will learn an excerpt of the variation.

Level: Experienced beginner and up

  • Week 1 
    • What is a variation?
    • Brief history of the ballet “La Bayadère” and context for the variation
    • Learn the first excerpt of the variation
  • Week 2
    • Review, add, and refine

DATES: Sunday November 5th & 12th
TIME: 10-11am
ATTIRE: Leggings/joggers (no shorts), t-shirt/tank, ballet shoes; pointe shoes optional (recommended only for dancers who have been on pointe consistently for at least 1 year without the barre)
COST: $95

Workshop is limited to 10 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/Membership do not apply.