Intro to dance: A Workshop


"Dancers are made, not born." --Mikhail Baryshnikov


It's all about the training! 


 If you think dance is "intimidating" or impossible to learn as an adult, allow us to disprove that!  This 5 class workshop is a crash course to eliminate the "pile - what?... "second position - where? ... "spot - who?" etc.. and other "deer caught in headlights" moments you might experience in your first class! We don't want that! Not cool!

Specifically designed for adult dance newcomers, this workshop will launch you into our classes with confidence and get you started on the right foot (pun intended)!

Acquire the foundational skills necessary to enjoy our Introductory and 101 classes in Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Broadway, Ballet, Hip Hop and Stretch!

Rolling admission: means you can start anytime. Each class focuses on specific objectives. Complete the workshop (5 classes) in any order (sessions are not chronological). 

Workshop graduates may continue to take these classes on a drop in basis for more practice!

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