Gliding Workshop with iGlide of DragonHouse

You've seen him defy gravity and watched him effortlessly slide, spiral and slink around the stage on your favorite dance shows, on IG and youtube… now is your chance to learn how to glide from this master of Animation Dance! In this 1.5 hour workshop Julius "iglide" chisolm will teach you the basic glide, circle glide, and different waves and isolations... I know... what are you supposed to do with these skills? Impress your friends on the dance floor, apply them to classes like Q It Up or to become your own youtube sensation because lord knows, you'll be gliding all over town. 

Meet iGlide:
Julius "iGlide" Chisolm is an original member of the world famous dance crews RemoteKontrol and DragonHouse and has appeared on SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance), America’s Got Talent, Wendy Williams, and ESPN for the NBA Finals. As a principal with Dragon House he has seen many of his videos go viral, has appeared in commercials for Coca Cola, Sony, Flips Audio, and HP, and was also featured on Broadway’s “After Midnight”, being the first animation dancer to appear on Broadway. Known in the entertainment world as iGlide, his unique ability to move has catapulted him into the spotlight, sharing the stage with artists such has Dulé Hill, Fantasia, Toni Braxton, Baby Face, Katy Lang, Hugh Jackman, Vanessa Williams, and Patti Labelle. Julius was nominated for the Fred and Adele award for “Best Male Dancer” and has also appeared on the Katie Couric show, The Queen Latifah show, The Today Show, and has been featured in the New York Times and Vanity Fair. Julius lives in Atlanta while he is not touring. 

See iGlide in action here.


  • Saturday September 29th, 12:30-2pm at dance 101 Atlanta
  • Workshop is 16+ and open to all levels
  • Registration is $35 until September 25th, then $45 at the door