Straight Up Jazz

If you are a jazz lover (specifically in the style of Gus Giordano), just go ahead and tell everybody now that you're busy Monday nights at 8pm - because this is where you will be. Everything you love about traditional Giordano jazz is packed into this class: Jazz walks, Battements, Pas de Borres, Triplets, Chasses, Chaines, single Pirouettes, isolations, leaps and across the floor combinations. Oh, and 20-30 minutes of choreography (which will pull from the across the floor sequences).

Music will always be upbeat and range from today's hits all the way back to the 50's. This class will push you to better your technique and performance quality all while getting in a good sweat for the day! Feed your love of this beautiful physical art form by spending a hour with someone who loves it just as much as you (maybe more). Taught by the beautiful Cody Zanni (unapologetic Giordano fan and dancer for the Atlanta Blaze Dancers!)