Sunday mornings 10-11am in January with Nick!

CHICAGO!…give em’ the old Razzle Dazzle

Making the “headlines” with its 1975 debut and then 1996 revival, Chicago holds the immense distinction of being the longest running American musical in Broadway history and the second longest running musical of all time! What’s not to love?…The music is witty, the characters are legendary, and the choreography is iconically Fosse.

In this 4 week intensive, you will dive headfirst into the world of Bob Fosse and explore the unique style that made him and forever solidified him as the genius he is. Each week you will learn a different number from Chicago starting with the opening sequence and travel in order through the show’s biggest highlights. By the 4th week, you will be able to travel through the show from opening to closing and with your fellow dancers, perform….CHICAGO!

WEEK 1- All That Jazz

  1. Intro to Fosse and his background and style
  2. Discuss the world of Chicago
  3. Across the floor work to explore the roots of Fosse movement
  4. Master the opening number (All That Jazz)

WEEK 2- Cell Block Tango

  1. Explore the world of the “Merry Murderesses” and the events leading to Cell Block
  2. Master Cell Block Tango
  3. Re-run All That Jazz

WEEK 3- Roxie

  1. Again, discuss where we are in the show and how we’ve arrived at “Roxie”
  2. Learn and master the number
  3. Revisit All That Jazz and Cell Block Tango

WEEK 4- Hot Honey Rag

  1. Arrive in all black (if possible)
  2. Master Hot Honey Rag
  3. Review the show’s journey to the end
  4. Run each piece that we have learned in order!

DATES: Sunday January 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th!
TIME: 10-11am
ATTIRE: Leggings/joggers (no shorts), t-shirt/tank, barefoot or socks
COST: $190 – Workshop is FULL

Workshop is limited to 12 participants. Enroll now to reserve your spot! No refunds for missed dates. Class cards/Membership do not apply.