Smile! You're on camera!
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina

Greetings my dance friends!

Yesterday marked our 1 month new studio-versary!! It's been a busy month! We're checking stuff off our punchlist (aka bouncy floors be flat!), we had our first free class on the lawn this past Friday which went well (hi new friends!) AND my last 101 to you was quoted in The Guardian... so you know.. I'm kind of a big deal now - I mean, WE...WE are a big deal now! 

I have just a few studio-keeping items to discuss as our schedule is looking airtight and don't have anything to report there (yay!).

This Saturday August 14th, Erik (you guys remember him right?!), will be at the studio walking around with his video camera.  Don't be shy!  Say hello! He'll be there to capture class footage (and your sweaty smiling faces) for a 30 second social media promo video. We have a beautiful studio filled with beautiful people, let's show us off amiright?! So don't worry about that rando with that high tech camera... it's just Erik 😉

Good news! We've adjusted the late cancel window to within 4 hours of class start time (originally 8)!  We know you're happy about this!

We will also be implementing a 2 hour cutoff window for low attended classes... if a class does not have a minimum of 5 students registered 2 hours prior to start time, the class will be canceled by the front desk. I can't have 10 of you trying to sign into a class that was canceled 2 hours prior because only 3 people were signed in at the cutoff time. Nobody wins in that sitch! Don't be too legit to commit!

If you need further clarification on this, please email 😂

In closing as we have settled into our new neighborhood, we're getting to know our neighbors... like the wonderful mother/daughter duo who own the nail salon "On Point Nails & Spa"  (on the other side of the parking deck entrance). We get allllll the feels supporting a family run business, and in this case, one that has been tremendously affected by the pandemic. The CDC made up 90% of their business and with their offices still closed, walk-in appointments have been affected BIG time. Let's help Kathleen and her mom keep their dream alive.

They are offering 10% off service discount with the mention of "dance 101." Please call ahead 678-732-0884 to make an appointment!  Check out their nail and spa services at

I, myself will be going there soon for a nail color refresh! Who's with me?!

XO, Paulina