New Studio, who dis?

Inside the studio with Paulina

Well... we pulled it off my friends! Dance 101 is in a beautiful new home! We went from a dungeon to a glass palace! And it has been so fun watching you all come in with big eyes and huge smiles. Only good vibes here!

As we get settled into our new digs, we appreciate your patience as we figure out our flow. So far I have been very pleased to see many of you have found us despite a new parking situation (helloooo parking garage) and the fact that we still don't have an outdoor sign (eta late August). You guys are so good at listening - everyone gets a gold star! 

Not been to the space yet and unsure about parking? Take a look at the reference map above. 

A few studio "Must Knows" about the new space:

  • We have a water fountain!! Bring your water bottles/jugs and fill up here! We are no longer selling water at the front. You can also jazz walk across the street to CVS!
  • Keeping up with the contactless trend, the toilets and faucets in the bathroom are on a sensor! Having trouble making the toilet flush? Just twerk it to work it!
  • What's that you smell? Good clean air! Our top of the line HVAC system is equipped with an air ionizing filtration system that kills 99.9% of airborne illnesses and FUNK! But only the bad funk, A-town funk is safe!
  • In an effort to keep the studio floors clean AF... we're asking everyone to CLEAN YOUR SHOES on the shoe scraper upon arrival - that way whatever you've stepped in stays outside! Studio 3 is a non-street shoe studio. So pop a squat on the bench outside the entrance and kick those shoes off before entering. Bring your dance shoes in hand or go barefoot.


In schedule news, SAVE THE DATE for our next Intro to Tap Workshop! This Workshop is 6 weeks starting August 4th and ending September 8th. Class meets every Wednesday 7-8pm and is taught by Christina in her fabulous yellow tap shoes! We'll schedule a Demo class on Wednesday July 28th at 7pm so you can get a feel for the syllabus and see if the workshop is for you! Spoiler Alert: It  will be! You'll love it, I know it! Workshop is $210, early bird discounts available. Look out for those details in next week's 101. Tap shoe rental $4.

In closing, I've always heard that a dog makes a home... and by heard, I mean I probably read that somewhere on a piece of wall art at Home Goods haha. Point is, based on this picture, I think we're all home.

XO, Paulina