We have an upDATE!
Posted by Paulina

Inside the studio with Paulina

I hope you all like Contemporary… oh wait, I KNOW YOU ALL LIKE CONTEMPORARY!! Which is why in addition to the return of Contemporary Expressions with Meghan this Saturday at 2pm (Welcome back Meghan!!), we’ve also added Contemporary Fusion with Bri Williams (now permanently on the schedule Woooo!) Sundays at 1pm! While their styles are very different - that’s the beauty of Contemporary! Spend your weekend afternoon with these talented ladies!! 

Make sure to pre-register for these classes and ALL your classes for that matter! We are no longer accepting walkins so don’t make it weird at the front desk - I don’t want to have to use my Outside voice! Repeat offenders will face a $5 penalty so make sure you pre-register before showing up!

And while you’re on our website you may notice that there are no classes scheduled after Sunday June 27th… that’s because June 27th is our last day at Brighten Park! Get your calendar out, I have some imPOINTant dates to give you…

  • Last day of classes @Brighten Park: Sunday June 27th
  • Moving days: Monday June 28th - 30th
  • Open House @The Point: Friday July 2nd (Time TBD, details next month)
  • First day of classes @The Point: Monday July 5th (assuming a bridge doesn't collapse, another pandemic doesn't spread, there isn't a natural disaster and/or our HVAC doesn't fall from the 20ft ceiling ha!)

Most importantly, we will be closed (aka no classes) Monday June 28th - Sunday July 4th. This is a great time to go on vacay OR stay in town and help move us outta here.

NOTE: We will not be in a position to extend or freeze your Memberships/Class Cards during that week - our software and my brain are not equipped for that! Get your classes in! I'm giving you plenty of notice to plan accordingly!!

Just look at this space (The Point: 855 Emory Point Dr)…

XO, Paulina